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Zodiac Panthers/Male Men - Split 7” ~RARE ALT COVER LIMITED TO 30 COPIES!

Zodiac Panthers/Male Men - Split 7” ~RARE ALT COVER LIMITED TO 30 COPIES!

$ 6.99
Zodiac Panthers/Male Men - Split 7”.  You know that debut record that a band puts out early on where no one really knows who the are, but you have a feeling that bigger things are on the horizon. And over time they build a steady following and end up becoming a much bigger band where all of their later fans come back looking for that elusive hard to find debut single. This record feels like one of those records for the Zodiac Panthers. On the A-side the Zodiac Panthers from Wilmington, NC check in with their debut vinyl offering and tear through two infectious treble-heavy rock ‘n roll rippers with riffs and hooks galore. For those not in the know, the Zodiac Panthers are a cool new duo that contains a member of the Candy Snatchers, so that should give you an idea of where these guys are comin’ from. Their two songs are just straight up nasty, rock ‘n roll with snotty mutant vocals shouted across jagged, wirey guitar-solos and a brutal, pounding Ramones-style back beat. They totally hold their own against heavy hitters like the Candy Snatchers, New Bomb Turks, Nashville Pussy, Zeke and the Cosmic Psychos where filthy searing guitars are at the forefront of the mix belting out a healthy dose of mucho aggro riff ‘n roll.

On the flip is another Wilmington band called Male Men. First tune is a rapid-fire power poppin’ punk rocker that reminds me a little of Nobunny and the Mean Jeans with catchy vocal harmonies. The second song is a little slower and has more of a pop punk/indie rock feel that reminds me of fellow NC mainstays Superchunk with razor sharp guitar hooks and dreamey sedated vox. THIS IS THE LIMITED ALTERNATE COVER VERSION OF THIS SINGLE STRICTLY LIMITED TO ONLY 30 HAND NUMBERED COPIES. This version is only available through Dead Beat Records Mailorder and includes exclusive cover artwork by Chelsea Lea. All 30 of these come on various shades of SLIME GREEN WAX!

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