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Flip Tops/Yokohama Hooks- split 7" - Band - Dead Beat Records

Flip Tops/Yokohama Hooks- split 7"

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Flip Tops/Yokohama Hooks- split 7".  I had thought the Flip Tops were defunct along with the other 95% of the Rip Off roster, but here they are with some new vinyl. "Sick Dirty Mind" blasts the doors right off in true Flip Tops Garage fury and then simmer to a mid-tempo ripper on "Medication". Good enough that I spun the first tune a couple times before I flipped it in a pique of Rip Off Records nostalgia. Oh the flip, you get Yokohama Hooks who were a real surprise to me. I was expecting your run-of-the-mill girl-garage, but what I got was some Au Pairs-esque minimal post-punking. "Panic" and "James Yer Out" are both solid tunes, sharp guitar lines and driving bass/drum martial rhythm with some well done vocals from a girl with a unique accent that matches up to the music really well. A great single and the Yokohama Hooks really make this thing worth checking out.


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