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Butt Trumpet/Youth Gone Mad- Split LP - Get Back - Dead Beat Records

Butt Trumpet/Youth Gone Mad- Split LP

$ 12.99

Butt Trumpet/Youth Gone Mad- Split LP.  Youth Gone Mad who had a minor underground hit with ‘Oki Dogs’ is back with another 5 classic new punk tracks.  Backing them are Butt Trumpet who were a Los Angeles punk band that was known more for its crass lyrics and deliberately offensive style than its music. They got bigger in 1994 when their Chrysalis Records debut Primitive Enema was nearly banned from sale in a Massachusetts town after one mother heard her 12-year-old daughter listening to Primitive Enema, which she called "audio porn."  This is some of their earlier material and includes 7 punked up ravers including an excellent cover of Bloodstain by Agent Orange.

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