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FONTANA- 'I Feel Like A Jerk' 7" - X! - Dead Beat Records

FONTANA- 'I Feel Like A Jerk' 7"

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FONTANA- 'I Feel Like A Jerk' 7".  Sometimes I too get the sense that rock 'n' roll is pretty much dead. I don't just mean dead and buried with a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the tombstone. I mean dead, laying in the gutter and getting splashed with rainwater by every car that drives by it. Then little nuggets of hope come along and spur me to keep on keeping on. Who is the latest you ask?  Well, this band… Fontana who dish out a pretty awesome debut.  "Dumb Luv" is a quiet Brit-sounding aloof and near goofy punker with a very Raw Records vibe and fun-sounding whooping vocals. "(Having A) Fun Time" exhibits some thuggy guitar-rock feel with elements of classic Detroit rock energy. Two ace A-Side cuts. "You're Obscene" fills the flip side with a Frustrations-like busy-ness, with a quiet song-within-a-song guitar interlude/workout bookended by energetic Tyvek-like DIY punkitude. A nice companion to their more "famous" stablemates.

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