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Weekend Warrior/Heil Hidiot- Split 7” - Mass Productions - Dead Beat Records

Weekend Warrior/Heil Hidiot- Split 7”

$ 5.00

Weekend Warrior/Heil Hidiot- Split 7”.  It's always nice to see a split with two good bands, since we all have a bunch where only one side gets played ,right? WEEKEND WARRIOR hails from Long Beach, CA and slap down some seriously chaotic spastic thrash along the lines of ANTISCHISM and later period CHARLES BRONSON, with a hint of crust thrown in for good measure. HEIL HIDIOT is an Italian hardcore band I haven't heard before, but they just might be my favorite of the two here -fucking amazing female vocals and a furious storm of pure, traditional hardcore to back her up. Lyrics touch on sleazy creepy men, girls who cannot be indepenent of their boyfriend and poser psuedo - intellectualism in hardcore. This is a band to watch out for.  7” LIMITED TO 300 COPIES TOTAL!!

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