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Wrong Ones- Infinite Hallucinations LP ~RARE CLEAR WAX! - Little T & A Records - Dead Beat Records

Wrong Ones- Infinite Hallucinations LP ~RARE CLEAR WAX!

$ 11.99

Wrong Ones- Infinite Hallucinations LP.  The Wrong Ones’ reverence for all the good proto-metal, Punk and Garage Rock has insured that the band would go on to create an album that did as great a job paying tribute to their heroes as it did of taking their work to the next level. And this killer album does just that. Infinite Hallucinations makes me think of glam-metal forerunners Hanoi Rocks and also ride the line between New York Dolls-style punk and flat-out sleazy, girls ‘n blow metallic Rock N Roll bands like Guns N Roses and Motley Crue. Fans of stuff like the Bulemics, Texas Terri, the Weaklings and Candy Snatchers will be all over this one. 300 PRESSED ON CLEAR WAX!

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