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Wrong Hole- 2012 LP ~EX BRUTAL KNIGHTS! - Ptrash - Dead Beat Records

Wrong Hole- 2012 LP ~EX BRUTAL KNIGHTS!

$ 12.49

Wrong Hole- 2012 LP.  New Canadian super group featuring Nick Flanagan from BRUTAL KNIGHTS, TEEN CRUD COMBO and couple other guys that were in QUEST FOR FIRE, DEADLY SNAKES and TEENAGER. Stupidity is one of the most underrated qualities in Punk Rock and it’s one that Nick Flanagan, the former Brutal Knights frontman, never shyed away from. And thankfully that doesn’t change with his new band Wrong Holes. This LP is packed with aggressive party jams, including fun Punk, HC and Garage anthems built on distorted guitars and Nick’s cleverly witty Idiot Savant lyrics.

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