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Deep Sleep- Three Things At Once CD - Wallride - Dead Beat Records

Deep Sleep- Three Things At Once CD

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Deep Sleep- Three Things At Once CD.  In three years, the Baltimore-based DEEP SLEEP have fine-tuned their California influenced punk rock sound to something that consistently gives nods to bands like THE ADOLESCENTS, THE DESCENDENTS and CHANNEL 3, but in shorter, snottier doses.  For the uninitiated, Deep Sleep enjoy uniting the poppy passive aggression of the Pagans with Black Flag's borderline cacophonous guitar passages and wonky guitar fills. Now imagine Adolescents delivering all of that, but with a bit of a snotty undertone. It's the kind of stuff you want to hate and instantly dismiss as an uninventive regurgitation but when tracks like "On A Slab," "I'm On Top" and "Checkout" rip along they creap up on ya like a gradual nicotine fit: you're hooked before you know it. Unlike lung darts though, Three Things At Once actually gives you more of a reason to live.  Punk rock.

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