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Wild Zeros- 'S/T' 10" - Frantic City - Dead Beat Records

Wild Zeros- 'S/T' 10"

$ 11.49

Wild Zeros- 'S/T' 10".  Ten tracks that could have easily fallen off one of the "Where The Birdmen Flew" or any of the other Aussie comps. Rock n Roll played the way Rock n Roll is supposed to be played - aggressive, drenched in attitude, hooks, and those killer moments that make ya wanna wing your beer straight at the band. Hints of The Real Kids, TV Killers, The Saints, Dead Boys and The Sonics. A band that has perfected the formula without becoming another faceless Rip Off /Crypt clone.  Nice mix o’ 70s Ramones-isms, organ-driven 60s garage-isms, and contemporary neo rock ruckus.  Terrific cover by Psychodelic Art (Holland).  10” LIMITED TO 300 HAND NUMBERED COPIES!!!

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