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Willowz- S/T 7” - Posh Boy - Dead Beat Records

Willowz- S/T 7”

$ 5.99

Willowz- S/T 7”.  Posh Boy still puts out records ?!!! Who knew??? For those of you who haven’t done your punk rock history: Posh Boy was  one of the first LA punk rock labels and put out important debuts from bands like Red Kross, TSOL, Agent Orange, and more. Then, for all extensive purposes, you know, stopped – or not – maybe they were just waiting until something good came along again. Well if that’s the case, this is it. This record is pretty fucking rockin’ and fits in quite nice with that Posh Boy “sound” – namely the early, sloppily brilliant Red Cross, with and extra-fine coating of garage rock thrown on top. Great single and limited to 500 COPIES ON WHITE WAX!!

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