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WHITE- 'Black Owned' 7" BOX SET - Behemoth - Dead Beat Records

WHITE- 'Black Owned' 7" BOX SET

$ 6.00

WHITE- 'Black Owned' 7" BOX SET.  Killer Chicago noise rock with members of Xerobot & Jackwacker. Incredible packaging featuring a screen printed box with 4 printed inserts all on heavy card stock. The record is one-sided and released in a hand-numbered edition of 600.

"White takes the classic power trio lineup (guitars, bass and drums) and pushes it over the top with deft use and placement of sheer, painful abrasiveness. The recording method glorifies the band's harshness, the vocals sound burned on the tape, the guitars dig at the eardrums like icepicks, the drums are spastic and odd-angled and the bass can leap from growlingly burly to busy to a wall of crackling thunder in moments. But, most importantly, underneath it all, White are basically a band that absolutely rocks." (SUBVERSIVE WORKSHOP NEWSLETTER)

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