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White Niggers- Don’t Wanna Be Back 7”  ~EX FATALS - Yakisakana - Dead Beat Records

White Niggers- Don’t Wanna Be Back 7” ~EX FATALS

$ 6.99

White Niggers- Don’t Wanna Be Back 7”. OK Fatals fans, this ones for you! The White Niggers are the latest creation featuring ex members of the late, great Fatals!!! Seriously, I think the White Niggers have taken the trash rock aesthetic to a whole new apex of awesomeness. Since this record does have the most perfect blown out production I’ve heard in ages, I could care less about what they would sound like if they recorded at some classy ass studio like Ghetto Recorders or something. But the production is only part of the puzzle as to what makes the White Niggers so bedazzling, beguiling, and balls-out bombastic. ‘Don’t Wanna Be Back’ sounds like the more damaging and violent side of the Fatals. Their perfect marriage of blown-fi recording and great trash-punk songwriting is what makes these dudes really stand out. Long live these French fuckers. 7” WAS LIMITED TO 300 HAND NUMBERD COPIES AND WAY HARD TO FIND!!

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