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White Dynomite- S/T LP ~HELLACOPTERS! - Ripple Effect - Dead Beat Records

White Dynomite- S/T LP ~HELLACOPTERS!

$ 12.99

White Dynomite- S/T LP.  To me, supergroups are sort of like solo records. Sometimes they’re interesting (King Buzzo) and sometimes they’re lazy (Eddie Spaghetti). The actual idea is an amazing thought: bring in the best of your favourite bands and let them make a grand statement. The boys in White Dynomite are the best supergroup of sorts featuring members of Roadsaw, Lamont, and Wrecking Crew and they came to rock. Overall, this record is a hoot and harkens back to the early ‘oughts when the Hellacopters, Turbonegro, Gluecifer, The Demons, and Deadbeats were all strutting around Scandinavia, copping the MC5 and Stooges, and rocking harder than anyone else on the planet. These dudes got together and made a loud, fun rock ‘n’ roll record that’s super fuckin good. Pressed on white vinyl and includes a digital download card.

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