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Whatever Brains- S/T 2xLP - Sorry State - Dead Beat Records

Whatever Brains- S/T 2xLP

$ 14.99

Whatever Brains- S/T 2xLP.  Whatever Brains have always been a band inclined toward the grand statement, but their latest release reaches new levels of epic. Not a conventional LP or a double LP, this release includes actually two separate 12” EPs packaged as one. The first LP includes a single 22-minute track spread across both sides of a 45RPM 12". A series of linked compositions a la Venom’s At War with Satan or the Subhumans’ From the Cradle to the Grave. The lyrics chronicle the plight of a Russian family who lived in complete isolation in remote Siberia for more than 40 years. The music is similarly wide in scope, drifting organically from maximalist punk to minimalist, country-tinged lament to pumping electronica in an astoundingly natural fashion. As for the other 12”, it’s a new 4-song EP called which continues to develop the wide sonic palette that the best tracks on their previous LP hinted at. It also includes “UVOD,” the closest thing to a pop hit Whatever Brains have ever created.

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