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Warcollapse- Defy! CD - Profane Existence - Dead Beat Records

Warcollapse- Defy! CD

$ 11.49

Warcollapse- Defy! CD. The Swedish gods of crust break their half-decade of silence to unleash a new masterpiece of epic proportions. Twelve brutal new songs that layer new realms of gutteral intensity to the traditional Swedish d-beat KÄNG of the likes of TÖTALITAR, KRIGSHOT, WOLFBRIGADE, etc. And of course there is plenty of the traditional WARCOLLAPSE sound that emphasizes mournful dirges, captivating guitar riffs, and vocal style that is as primal as it is guttural. If you are a fan of their previous releases then this will certainly not disappoint - delivering all the goods that made WARCOLLAPSE a name among legends. CD comes in a mini-album style packaging like a gatefold album jacket.

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