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WALTER DANIELS- 'Blows His Top' 2xLP - Rockin Bones - Dead Beat Records

WALTER DANIELS- 'Blows His Top' 2xLP

$ 34.99

WALTER DANIELS- 'Blows His Top' 2xLP. Walter Daniels is an American musician noted for introducing the harmonica into a number of styles of music not usually associated with it.  Those who’ve followed Walter Daniels will really appreciate this 2xLP set that includes songs from his long and storied past.  The first LP includes songs from songs from many of the bands that Walter has played including the Kodiaks, Jack-O-Fire (with Tim Kerr), Enduro, the Revelators, Big Foot Chester, Walter And the Drunken Angels, Tex Edwards & Texacala Jones, The Bloodsucking Go-Devils, Purgatory Country, Wade & Walter and the Bare Ass Minimums.  ALSO THE FIRST110 HAND NUMBERD COPIES of this LP come with a BONUS LP of the Big Foot Chester- Tabernaclin LP that Walter Daniels played on and includes a guest spot from the Fabulous Thunderbirds' Gene Taylor, among others.  THE COPY YOU RECIEVE WILL BE ONE OF THE FIRST 110 DOUBLE LP SETS  AND IS HAND NUMBERED OUT OF 110 COPIES.  ALREADY OUT OF PRINT, SO GET IT WHILE YA CAN!

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