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The Waistcoats - We Are The Doctors (Gatefold) LP - Larsen - Dead Beat Records

The Waistcoats - We Are The Doctors (Gatefold) LP

$ 11.49

The Waistcoats - We Are The Doctors (Gatefold) LP.  Finally the new Waistcoats album is with us! Highest fidelity and beautifully packaged in a LIIMITED EDITION gatefold sleeve from the masters of Nederbiet. 'We Are The Doctors' is a vital record, trying to capture the timeless qualities of all good rock'n'roll while paying the dues both to the original 50's/60's Beat and Garage Rock and to the member's who own roots in the first 80's garage wave.  They are as powerfull as the WHO.  They are as groovy as the CREEPS and they’re as trashy as the MILKSHAKES.  Definately their best album to date and LIMITED TO A MERE 500 COPIES AND PACKED IN A SLICK LOOKING GATEFOLD JACKET!!

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