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Visio- 30.17.1992 7” ~REISSUE! - JARI - Dead Beat Records

Visio- 30.17.1992 7” ~REISSUE!

$ 6.49

Visio- 30.17.1992 7”.  Total blast from the past on this one. This was recorded way back in 1992, but the original DAT TAPE for it was lost to the sands of time. Well, not forever. Some how some way, that original DAT made it’s way back into the hands of Jari from Visio and he decided to put it out after all these years. The guitar player & the song writer of Visio is Janne Piipponen from Olotila, Pax Americana and Kansalaistottelemattomuus. Pretty good Raw Punk Finnish throwback. If you dig old Finnish Punk/HC like Appendix, Olotilia and early Kaaos you’ll dig this. Tight plodding punk bordering on HC. Nice riffs and good tunes.

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