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Venomous Maximus- S/T 7” - Cutthroat - Dead Beat Records

Venomous Maximus- S/T 7”

$ 5.99

Venomous Maximus- S/T 7”. I just can’t stop listening to the crushing, heav rhythm of the A-side “Give Up The Witch” on the debut Venemous Maximus single. I find myself grinning and nodding along, mentally checking off a big list of all my own favorite metal bands I used to listene to as a kid. This is the sound of a bunch of guys who I’d bet came up listening to and loving classic metal, from Sabbath to Metallica to Slayer to Maiden. And Venemous Maximus fly those same Metal flags proudly, holding it over their collective heads like a badge of honor. Really good Metallic Rock N Roll if youre into any of the aformentioned bands.

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