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VENEREANS- 'Future Primitive' LP - Discos Humeantes - Dead Beat Records

VENEREANS- 'Future Primitive' LP

$ 11.00

VENEREANS- 'Future Primitive' LP.  With 12 punk shots in 15 minutes, the  Venereans approach is simple but effective on their debut album. Over the course of twelve song  done in under eighteen minutes, the band reworks the Ramones' M.O.--bristling three-chord guitars, mealy-mouthed vocals and wasted, teenage mentality-with plenty of earnest gusto.  They express a go-nowhere frustration and could-give-a-hoot attitude with a certain vehemence, not to mention great hooks. Few punk bands these days sound so ripe and this is definately a band to keep an eye on.  Ex members of Wau Y Los Argghs and for fans of MOTO, the Spits, LiveFastDie or the Reatards.  LP LIMITED TO 500 COPIES.

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