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Vee Dee- Further CD - Criminal IQ - Dead Beat Records

Vee Dee- Further CD

$ 10.49

Vee Dee- Further CD.  Vee Dee mix in some of the lighter-hearted, dark-stained pop overtones of early Replacements, the crunch of early ‘80s, mid-tempo middle America punk – the “you know they’re older, but they sound like they just discovered this shit” sound. When they speed up, I hear clips of early Freeze guitar. When they slow down, out comes a “Bloodstains”-era Agent Orange surf/secret agent man guitar, counter pointed by a healthy Cramps-like addiction to zombies and undertakers. It’s almost as if these guys took a gigantic, aerial photograph of America of punk America circa 1979-1980, harvested all the best parts, and stitched it all together as expertly as a plastic surgeon.

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