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Varukers- Murder LP - Rodent Popsicle - Dead Beat Records

Varukers- Murder LP

$ 11.49

Varukers- Murder LP. The Varukers are one of the UK's longest standing anarcho-punk bands remaining relevant and active for all these years! Formed in 1979 and since day one hit the streets running, never satisfied with their lot their constant hard touring, hard drinking and hard hitting music has kept them at the top of their game! While other veteran UK bands have toned down with age The Varukers still remain fierce and uncompromising. With a DIY ethic and a "give it some bollocks" attitude the band shows no sign of slowing down. This is the long overdue reissue of the now out of print “Murder” LP with the mid-90s line-up. Fifteen tracks of the same kind of politically charged, powerful punk rock that made them famous in the 80’s. As a bonus, this release includes all four tracks from their very hard to find "Nothing's Changed" EP.

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