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V/A- Turist I Tillvaron Vol. #5 LP  ~UX VILEHADS! - Ken Rock - Dead Beat Records

V/A- Turist I Tillvaron Vol. #5 LP ~UX VILEHADS!

$ 12.99

V/A- Turist I Tillvaron Vol. #5 LP. Wanna know what Sweden has been up to lately? Well this is a pretty good place to start. This is the fifth in a series of compilations that will document the Swedish punk landscape in all it’s facets. On here you'll get raw punk, catchy punk rock, wierd punk and a bit of hyper fast hardcore. It's a great way to get to know the Swedish scene at the moment with pretty solid contributions overall. The bands on the comp. include Angelpiss, Blaslampa, Brottsvag, Fredag Den, Math And The Blah Blah Blahs, UX Vileheads, Spinkykter, Lurken Boogieband, Gatans, Vinnarcirkeln, Sub Alert, The Volcano, Hjartattack, Ned Slagsplats, Utbrott and Jealous Cowards. All exclusive tracks and LIMITED TO 500 COPIES IN A SNAZZY LOOKING GATEFOLD SLEEVE.



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