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V/A- Stuttgart Brennt Vor Lange Weile 2x LP W/ GATEFOLD COVER ~REISSUE!

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V/A- Stuttgart Brennt Vor Lange Weile 2x LP.  This 2xLP celebrates 40 years of punk In Stuttgart, Germany. Yes it was really bubbling underneath the surface of Baden-Württemberg's state capital back in the day. This compilation delves into the early days of the German punk scene exploring many bands that operated between 1978 - '83 and many having never actually releasing a bonafide record back than. This retrospective includes 44 tracks in all including mostly Stuttgart Bands and 12 bands are from the Reutlingen / Tübingen area. Outliers are Normahl from Winnenden and 3 projects come from the northern Black Forest and Herrenberg. Many of these songs are from demo recordings, home recordings, practice tapes and live cassettes so if you didn’t come out of that scene, chances are good that you’ve never heard most of this material. The 2xLP reissue isn’t a complete hit collection, but provides an insight into the, than, emerging Punk / New Wave / Experimental scene that was starting to take place in Stugggart and across the globe. All tracks on this compilation were recorded between 1980-1983. Nice packaging on this one too with a deluxe gatefold-sleeve including printed innersleeves with tons of information and pictures about each of these bands. Import from Germany.

A1. Dreimalcurrywurstundpommes- Lieb' Mich Nicht
A2. Die Sache- Genau
A3. NDL- Wir Sind Die Beatles Von Morgen
A4. K.G.B. - Eckstein
A5. Anabiose- Wartezimmer
A6. Heute- Frühling
A7. Der Künftige Musikant- Ich Bin Zu Weit Weg Für Dich
A8. F.A.K.- Langeweile
A9. Familie Hesselbach- Jeden Morgen Jeden Tag
A10. Jalta & Die Teilung Europas- Schlaffer Sack
A11. Frauen Und Technik- Höfliche Terroristen

B1. Abenteuer Unter Wasser- Guter Junge, Schlechte Welt
B2. The Nothing- Suburb Gangs
B3. Ätzer 81- Stuttgart Kaputtgart
B4. Name- Dr. Sommer
B5. Triebtäter- Bullen
B6. Normahl- Stammheim
B7. Herbärds- Arbeitslos
B8. Die Fliehenden Ägypter- Ich Bin Nicht Normal
B9. The Problem- Out Of Dirt
B10. Chaos Z- Abmarsch

C1. Frauenklinik- Euglena
C2. X-Cess- Großstadt
C3. Zimt- Eiscafé
C4. Autofick- Eva Braun & Loki Schmidt
C5. Luigi Nicoletti- Deutschland
C6. Stragula- Hässlich
C7. Z.S.K.A.- Tanzt
C8. Strahler 80- Disco Pogo
C9. Gäste Aus Ungarn- Hippie Punks
C10. Vermin- Hate & War
C11. Maria Köhler- Dreck
C12. ABC- Niemand Nimmt Mich Richtig Ernst
C13. Die Mütter- Ne Mark
C14. Psudkards- Die Geschlossene
C15. Grosspy- Wem's Nicht Gefällt...

D1. Teflon Fonfara & Maik Glemser- Geiles Stuttgart
D2. Fritz Blitz- Ein Platz In Deinem Herzen
D3. Garagenband- Der Kleine Grüne Stuhl
D4. Verblender- Tatlin
D5. Die Alten- Mitternacht
D6. Partner Der Welt- TV Serie (Fortsetzung Folgt)
D7. Pascal- Rendez-Vouz Europe
D8. Fuckin Gute Bürgerband- Sauerkraut

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