V/A- Killed By Death #6 LP ~REISSUE!

$ 15.99
V/A- Killed By Death #6 LP ~REISSUE!
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V/A- Killed By Death #6 LP ~REISSUE!

$ 15.99

V/A- Killed By Death #6 LP.  The is the sixth album in the series that that launched a thousand knock-offs! Killed By Death #6 is carved firmly from the same slab of raw and crude punk rock as the first one. This one continues surveying the cream of the lost punk scene of the lat 70’s and '80s, by illustrating at least a handful of the stylistic extremes that fell beneath that banner. This is the most international volume so far including bands from Belgium, Japan, Switzerland, Austria, the good ‘ol USA and beyond. Essential goodies from The Kids, Dirt Shit, The Next, Hitler SS, Frantrix, Ed Nasty & The Dopeds, Tampax and more.

Side A
1. The Kids- This Is Rock 'N Roll
2. Funeral Dress- Army Life
3. Dirt -Shit Exit
4. The Next- Monotony
5. The Insults- Just A Doper
6. Ed Nasty & The Dopeds- You Sucker
7. Hitler SS- Slave
8. Tampax- UFO Dictator
9. Revenge 88- Neon Lights

1. Screaming Urge- Homework
2. Schund- Schund
3. GISM- Death Exclamations
4. Frantix- My Dad's A Fuckin' Alcoholic
5. The Glueams- Mental
6. Psykik Volts- Totally Useless
7. Fire Exit- Time Wall
8. Mark Truth & The Liars- Prisoners Of Time
9. Se- Meillä Voisi Tänään Olla Hauskaa