V/A- Killed By Death #1 LP ~REISSUE / RARE WHITE WAX!

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V/A- Killed By Death #1 LP ~REISSUE / RARE WHITE WAX!
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V/A- Killed By Death #1 LP ~REISSUE / RARE WHITE WAX!

Sold out

V/A- Killed By Death #1 LP.  The is the disc that launched a thousand knock-offs! The first volume of Killed by Death appeared around 1988 as the the brainchild of (according to legend) a New York-based Swedish record collector who gathered up 15 of his all-time favorite punk / new wave-ish rarities and unleashed them on what was then very much a fledgling punk collectors market at the time. This first installment concentrated almost wholly on '80s Americana, but with the odd early import to shake things up. The end result was an eclectic but nevertheless exciting package, its contents ranging from the Slugs, featuring former New York Doll Rick Rivets, to northwest D.I.Y. originators the Wipers and climaxing with some of the most in-demand records of the time from the Dogs, Gasoline and the Mad. Other gems include suitably macabre odes to L.A.'s Hillside Strangler by both the Hollywood Squares and the Child Molestors, a live Nuns cut, and a brace of anti-social stomp by the Authorities. There's also some neatly gratuitous nastiness from Britain's Users, a 1977-era punk band that sounds positively old fashioned compared to some of the young blades switching around elsewhere.  THESE ARE PRESSED ON THE LIMITED WHITE WAX!

A1. The Mad- I Hate Music
A2. Hollywood Squares- Hillside Strangler
A3. Slugs- Problem Child
A4. Vox Pop- Cab Driver
A5. Controllers- (The Original) Neutron Bomb
A6. Dogs- Slash Your Face
A7. Gasoline- Killer Man

B1. Kraut- Matinee
B2. Child Molesters- (I'm The) Hillside Strangler
B3. Cold Cock- I Wanna Be Rich
B4. Authorities- Radiation Masturbation
B5. Authorities- I Hate Cops
B6. Nuns- Decadent Jew
B7. Users- Sick Of You
B8. Vicious Visions- I Beat You