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V/A- Drunks Guns Livestock in the Streets CD > COSMIC PSYCHOS, X - Turkeyneck - Dead Beat Records

V/A- Drunks Guns Livestock In The Streets CD ~W/ COSMIC PSYCHOS, X!

$ 13.49

V/A- Drunks Guns and Livestock in the Streets CD?.  This comp collects some of Australia’s most notorious punk/garage from the old school (X, Cosmic Psycho's, Onyas, Corpse Grinders, I Spit On Your Gravy) to the new (The Standing 8 Counts, The Dirtcatchers, The Gravebilles). All great material and a nice slice of the Australian underground. Extensive liner notes from a former Australian club Manager who explains how the strippers went bust when they took two dollar notes out of circulation and many other tales of violence and stupidity from the aforementioned bands that have played his shit hole. There are many unreleased gems throughout this nice slice of Australian history!  Import from Australia.

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