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V/A- Bored Teengers Vol. 5 CD ~REISSUE!

V/A- Bored Teengers Vol. 5 CD ~REISSUE!

$ 14.99
V/A- Bored Teengers Vol. 5 CD.  While none of the bands featured on this comp ever made it big (although there are couple bigger names!), there are are a ton of songs on here that deserve to be heard by a wider audience. Most of these original releases that this compilation is reissuing were proper Punk/DIY releases that came out between 1977 - 1982 and most of them were pretty small pressings that never made it out of England. So the chances of many of these songs, being heard by a proper audience today were slimmer prior to this release. So kudos to Detour Records for keeping the spirit alive, and tracking down these tasty slices of British Punk history that can now be heard by a new generation. The Bored Teenagers series is similar to what the Americans have done with reissue comp's like Pebbles, Back From The Grave and the Killed By Death series, but the Bored Teenagers series is 100% legit with Detour Records working closely with each of these band to get their music out there and have their story told. Nice packaging on this one with a lavish 20 page booklet including rare unreleased band photos and liner notes by a number of the bands on the release.  Import from the UK.

1. Blitz- Strange Boy
2. Blitz- We're OK Sod You
3. Blitz- Rapid Dog (Vocal)
4. Blitz- Rapid Dog (Instrumental)
5. The Vicars - No One Listens
6. The Vicars - School
7. The Vicars - I'm Going Mad
8. The Rats- For Your Pleasure
9. The Rats- First Mistake
10. The Tarts - Job Satisfaction
11. The Tarts- Tie Me Kangaroo Down
12. The Tarts- Vanity World
13. The Tarts- Looking At Me
14. The Tarts- Drowning
15. Pete Newnham- Rudi
16. T.H.E. - The Ballad Of Johnny The Snark
17. Pete Newnham- Outside My Window
18. T.H.E.- Play With Fire
19. The Egos- Pretty Face
19. The Egos - I'm In Love With You
20. The Rezizters- Adolescence
21. The Rezizters- Copy Cat
22. The Rezizters- Television
23. The Negatives- Little Green Man Fever
24. The Negatives- 69
25. The Negatives- Because I Love You
26. The Negatives- Black Panther

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