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V/A- Bored Teenagers Vol. 7 CD ~REISSUE!

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V/A- Bored Teenagers Vol. 7 CD.  Seventh volume in the illustrious Bored Teenagers compilation series features 9 new bands and includes 28 tracks in all. First up are THE SINGLES who were from the Rochdale area and released one of the rarest UK Punk 45s back in 1978 with the controversial title of ‘Adolf Hitler'. The song is about a German soldier who is down in the trenches and questions his beliefs and why he is there! The next two tracks are provided by IN THE GYM with two tracks taken from their incredibly rare 45 from 1981. This band hailed from Kidderminster and this was their one and only 45. Following them is KATZ from Swindon with two tracks taken of their extremely rare 45 from 1979 along with 4 tracks that have remained unreleased until now. They play some really good bouncy pogo punk. Next band to grace your speakers is CHAOS UK, but not THAT Chaos UK.  Both snotty punker rippers are from their incredibly hard to find 45 from 1979. The band changed their name to the Mandies after that release. Our next stop is in Birmingham with two ultra rare absolute PUNK gems from THE HOBBS. Collectors around the world will be familiar with this band as they released the super fun ‘Bop Around The Shop’ on the ‘Big’ label in 1978. But did you know that they had an aborted single that they recorded a year earlier for the ‘DJM’ label that never came out? Sadly THE HOBBS were dropped in favour of the Satan Rats, so their two songs were shelved. Your in for a real treat as those two unreleased songs are here and are absolutely killer. Next up is THE WHAT, hailing from South Humberside who released a killer little 3-Track EP in 1979 that includes the anthem ‘East Coast Kids’! that’s included here along with another track from that single. Next we head down to Cornwall for THE VENDETTAS who belt out two rough Punk Rock gems in 1977! The next two tracks are from the band on the cover SKIDMARX. These guys should have been BIG! They had the look, the songs and definitely the ATTITUDE and their two tracks here are nothing short of stellar! And the last band to be featured is SYSTEM X from Enfield in North London. In their life time they offered no vinyl output but did record 5 tracks which finally see the light of day here THIS QUALITY REISSUE INCLUDES A 20 PAGE BOOKLET THAT IS CRAMMED FULL OF RARE PHOTOS AND WRITE UPS BY THE BANDS THEMSELVES!  UK import.

01. The Singles- Adolf Hitler
02. The Singles- Mercy
03. In The Gym- Don't Go Slow
04. In The Gym- Playing The Fool
05. Katz- Talking 'Bout You
06. Katz- I'm So Nasty
07. Katz- I'm Over Here
08. Katz- Hold On (I'm Coming)
09. Katz- White Socks
10. Katz- I'm So Nasty
11. Chaos UK- Summer Of Hate
12. Chaos UK- I Wanna Be Left Alone
13. The Hobbs- (Just) Don't Come It With Me
14. The Hobbs- We're The Hobbs
15. The What- What Is The Cure?
16. The What- Anything Goes
17. The What- East Coast Kids
18. The Vendettas- Such A Pity
19. The Vendettas- Inside Looking Out
20. The Vendettas- I Bin There
21. The Vendettas- Red Lambretta
22. Skidmarx- No Way
23. Skidmarx- Life's A Farce
24. System X- Underground
25. System X- Homage
26. System X- Got The Evidence
27. System X- Anything Goes
28. System X- Threats Of War

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