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V/A- Bored Teenagers Vol. 8 LP ~REISSUE!

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V/A- Bored Teenagers Vol. 8 LP.  For those not in the know, the Bored Teenagers series is similar to what the Americans have done with reissue comp's like Pebbles, Back From The Grave and the Killed By Death series. The only big difference is that the Bored Teenagers series is 100% legit and all the bands involved have an input in supplying the sleeve notes and rare photos etc.

Side one kicks off with one of the most exclusive and rarest of all the Oi! records ever released and comes straight off the master tapes with a slightly different intro…. The PORNO CASSETTES. The LP is worth it for those two songs alone! Next they managed to salvage the incdredibly hard to find studio recordings from THE DESTROYERS who were the house band at the famous Liverpool Club, Erics, back in the late 70s. Not much is known about this band as there was the real deal and never posed for photos! The next two tracks you’ll going to love or hate. Very basic and minimalist but it is the first time that THE OBTAINERS have ever been on a compilation with unreleased tracks. With their Cure connection they have increased in popularity over the years. Side one finishes off with three tracks from the Scottish Punk band the Drive. Two of these tracks were the bands follow up single from ’78 but sadly the band imploded before they saw the light of day. The band never thought they would ever be released as the master tapes were left at an ex girls friend flat back in 1979. Luckily for you and us, the ex still had them in her attic and the band tracked them down!

Side two kicks off with this Bristol based band DRY RISERS who sound like Rick Wakeman jamming with the Stranglers with members of XTC playing along. Next up is one of my favorite bands from the ’77 period, THE CRABS. These two tracks are very special as they feature the late great GARY HOLTON. These two tracks have never been heard before and were recorded in between the HEAVY METAL kids splitting up and before the NEW HEAVY METAL kids started up. Next up is the Scottish powerpop classic band HAMILTON with their insanely catchy smash “Jet Set Girl”. Side two ends with four tracks from Brums elusive Punks THE VICTIMS. All four of these tracks have never been officially released! The vinyl version also features a track that is NOT on the CD version. Another quality installment in this series including a 16 page booklet with rare photos and stories from the bands direct! Import from the UK.

Side One
The Porno Cassettes- Your Face, A Fucking Disgrace
The Porno Cassettes- Dead End Yobs
The Destroyers- LA Storm Drain
The Destroyers- Outcast
The Obtainers- Pussy Wussy
The Obtainers- Black Haired Drag
The Drive- Jerkin’
The Drive- Queen Of The Bitches
The Drive- Steal Yourself

Side Two
Dry Riser- Screen Gems
Dry Riser- Colt 45
Dry Riser- Jonathan Fish
The Crabs- We’re All Crazy
The Crabs- Documentary Re-Run
Hamilton- Jet Set Girl
The Victims- I’m Laughing At You
The Victims- Pogo
The Victims- Destitute
The Victims- Rich Kids (Only featured on vinyl version)

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Unreleasables- Solitary Confinement LP ~RARE BLUE VINYL LTD TO 100!
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Unreleasables- Solitary Confinement LP ~RARE BLUE VINYL LTD TO 100!
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The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs- One More Drink LP ~RAINBOW SPLATTER SPECIAL EDITION LIMITED TO 100!

Los Angeles' the Streetwalkin' Cheetahs spew a raw, undistilled slab of sweet ‘n nasty sonic tonic on their 7th studio album 'One More Drink'. The Cheetahs reignite the raw Detroit sounds of the the Stooges and fellow down under countrymen Radio Birdman blasting through 11 red-hot tracks of over-amplified nihilism showing even further dexterity in the world of thick riffs and song writing versatility. ‘One More Drink’ sounds like the good kind of mid 70’s pre-punk Riff 'n Roll record hopped-up on a heavy dose of classic 80's, white lightnin’ radio Rock. They mix an absolutely perfect Rock 'n Roll cocktail here...