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V/A- Bored Teenagers Vol. 4 CD ~REISSUE!

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V/A- Bored Teenagers Vol. 4 CD.  Yet another success in this brilliant series that features a huge amount of rare and previously unheard punk rock artifacts. The Machines give us an alternative version of one of the tracks off their ultra rare EP and a previously unreleased track. The Ordinarys are a band that could have been huge and appeared on Mickie Most's television show `New Faces'. On this release they give us 4 tracks including 3 previously unreleased tracks of pure punky power-pop. The Running Sores were a novelty band formed by Dennis Munday, the A&R man for The Jam; and give us two tracks that were previously only available on a super rare acetate from 1976. Low Profyle give us a track from their rare 1980 single. Public Pisstake include Jimmy Pursey from Sham 69 and members of Masterswitch and their track comes from an incredibly rare acetate from 1979. The Cane include Kirk Brandon's (of Theatre Of Hate / Spear Of Destiny) first ever recordings and these are amazing and not to be missed! Elevators include a track taken from their rare and highly collectible single. Steroid Kiddies give us one track taken from their rare EP and one previously unreleased track. The Introze give us a track from their rare single and a previously unheard studio nugget. This CD reissue also includes bonus tracks from the Cane and the Ordinarys! This is without a doubt, the most amazing volume in this series and worth it for the 4 Ordinarys tracks alone.  Another quality installment in this series including a huge booklet with rare photos and stories from the bands direct! 18 tracks in all. Import from the UK.

1. The Machines- You Better Hear
2. The Machines- Racing
3. The Ordinarys- I Wanna Be An Ordinary
4. The Ordinarys- Models
5. The Ordinarys- We Mean It
6. The Ordinarys- I Never Knew
7. The Running Sores- I'm A Punkstar
8. The Running Sores- Me Brain Done Hurt
9. Low Profyle- Hangin' Around
10. Public Pisstake- My Own Creation
11. The Cane- Truant Boy
12. The Cane- School Daze
13. The Cane- Food Kills
14. Elevators- Your I's Are Too Close Together
15. The Steroid Kiddies- Dumb, Dumb
16. The Steroid Kiddies- Yo Yo
17. The Introze- Kids In Uniform
18. The Introze- The Naggin' Song

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The Gaggers- Blame You CD ~REISSUE!
Dead Beat
The Gaggers- Blame You CD ~REISSUE!
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The Gaggers- Gag On This: The Complete Singles CD ~REISSUE W/ 22 TRACKS!
Dead Beat
The Gaggers- Gag On This: The Complete Singles CD ~REISSUE W/ 22 TRACKS!
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The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs- One More Drink LP ~RAINBOW SPLATTER SPECIAL EDITION LIMITED TO 100!

Los Angeles' the Streetwalkin' Cheetahs spew a raw, undistilled slab of sweet ‘n nasty sonic tonic on their 7th studio album 'One More Drink'. The Cheetahs reignite the raw Detroit sounds of the the Stooges and fellow down under countrymen Radio Birdman blasting through 11 red-hot tracks of over-amplified nihilism showing even further dexterity in the world of thick riffs and song writing versatility. ‘One More Drink’ sounds like the good kind of mid 70’s pre-punk Riff 'n Roll record hopped-up on a heavy dose of classic 80's, white lightnin’ radio Rock. They mix an absolutely perfect Rock 'n Roll cocktail here...