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V/A- Big Itch Club 7” ~W/ THE #1'S - Bachelor - Dead Beat Records

V/A- Big Itch Club 7” ~W/ THE #1'S

$ 6.49

V/A- Big Itch Club 7”.  From what I can make out this 7” includes 3 bands that play a small club in Ireland called THE BIG ITCH CLUB. Bands included on this comp are The #1’s, September Girls & Faux Kings!! Worth it for The #1’s tracks along. The #1’s are a Dublin band and are heavily inspired by the old Northern Irish power pop sound. On this comp. they dish out two of their earliest songs. Two dead-on power pop bangers that sound like they could have been released back in the day on Good Vibrations Records. Big hooks, jangly guitars, and punk tempos. Fans of bands like Rudi, Protex, the Undertones will dig this.

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