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Unreleasables- Crewe Boys 7” ~RARE 200 MADE! - Bat Shit - Dead Beat Records

Unreleasables- Crewe Boys 7” ~RARE 200 MADE!

$ 6.99

Unreleasables- Crewe Boys 7”. The second 7" by London fuck ups The Unreleasables. Their debut record brought the shit eating grin back to snot rocket pop-punk. An electric shock treatment that the genre desperately needed. This slab of wax contains five killers that sound like they could have been recorded in someone's leaky basement around 1980. Think somewhere between the first two classic Queers 7"s and an early Angry Samoans demo that someone just found in the gutter. Top of the slop punk rock right here. 7” LIMITED TO ONLY 200 COPIES ON BLACK WAX. GET IT WHILE YOU CAN!!


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