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Unholy Grave/Matka Teresa- Split 7” - Bong - Dead Beat Records

Unholy Grave/Matka Teresa- Split 7”

$ 5.49

Unholy Grave/Matka Teresa- Split 7”. Matka Teresa are from The Netherlands and play a furious kind of grindcore, with a strong accent on the CORE, injecting their sound with blistering speed and a classic screaming/growling dualism. They remind me a lot a powerviolence spiced version of Your Lies In Check era Cripple Bastards, with their pounding guitars and furious, straight faced drumming.  Backing them are Japans Unholy Grave.  Very effective, turbulent, thrashing mexican grind with superb bass distortion, merciless guitar riffing, and totally unique vocals. I found this band's stuff to be really intense and gripping. The sound is quite heavy but also has a really rough vibe that I absolutely love! Pretty neat packaging layout as well.  Two one-of-a-kind grind and simply a killer split release in my eyes.

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