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Tunnel Of Love- Rockin, Rollin Bitches CD - Big Neck - Dead Beat Records

Tunnel Of Love- Rockin, Rollin Bitches CD

$ 10.00

Tunnel Of Love- Rockin, Rollin Bitches CD.  Tunnel of Love first released Rockin’ Rollin’ Bitches in LP form on Mister Records outta Massachusetts. Apparently Mister Records only pressed a couple hundred copies and most of those went to the band or promos.  Heck, most people that mail ordered the record from teh label, never even got em.  Well Big Neck decided that we could not let this injustice be and they wanted people to hear Tunnel of Love’s genius. So here it is, in it's fuzzy, trashy unbridled glory. Come with us on a journey headed by 3 men in tights who play really filthy, super lo-fi, trashy garage rock. This record was recorded in their basement on a four track just before the place burned down.  And it's good...really good!

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