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TRAMP- Indigo 4x7" SET ~EX HELLACOPTERS - Bootleg Booze - Dead Beat Records

Tramp- Indigo 4x7" SET ~EX HELLACOPTERS!

$ 16.49

Tramp- Indigo 4x7" SET. Tramp consist of Markus Karlsson (ex The Turpentines), Stefan Brändström (HFOS), Johannes Borgström (ex Captain Murphy) and Robert Eriksson (ex Hellacopters). These tramps have all known each other for quite some time and have played with each other at various times over the years. Musically think a healthy cocktail of late '60s psychedelia and garage rock. Like New York punk rockers on a Magical Mystery Tour or The Damned spitting out Deep Purple songs. It’s solid, it’s exciting, it’s self-assured, it crackles, it hisses and most of all it is Tramp. 4x 7” SET LIMITED TO 500 COPIES WORLD WIDE. GET IT WHILE YOU CAN!!

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