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THE TRAGICS- Mommi I'm A Misfit 7" ~REISSUE! - Loud Punk - Dead Beat Records

THE TRAGICS- Mommi I'm A Misfit 7" ~REISSUE!

$ 6.49
 THE TRAGICS- 'Mommi I'm A Misfit' 7". This is a re-issue of an obscure Albany, NY band from 1981 who were origonally called The Misfits but later changed thier name to the Tragics, after hearing about a more well known band with the same name. Hence the paste over of “THE TRAGICS” over "THE MISFITS" on the cover of the 7” sleeve. Laughing Love from the 7" was on KBD #10 and this is a re issue of the original 45. Think X Ray Spex meets the Ramones with Pauline from Penetrations singing. Total ripper. Great reish and LIMITED TO 300 COPIES ON BLUE WAX!!!

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