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Touch Me Nots- Sheldo Munn 10" ~KING KHAN!

Touch Me Nots- Sheldo Munn 10" ~KING KHAN!

$ 12.99

Touch Me Nots- Sheldo Munn 10".  Two-piece guitar-drum action from the Bay Area, in a classic Gibson Bros kind of vein with a few songs rolling into King Khan and BBQ territory with the emphasis on the BBQ part of the equation. Pretty cool and pretty hooky songs on ths one, especially the title track and "Ask Me About My Persecution Complex". "Burden On Society" is a little rougher and a bit punker and makes me think King Louie meets Mark Sultan complete with some finger-lickin' red hot hot guitar lixx. Also Andew Levy can croon and that really helps back the songs that are written pretty well. French import.

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