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Total Abuse- Demo 7” ~EX SNOBS! - Even Worse - Dead Beat Records

Total Abuse- Demo 7” ~EX SNOBS!

$ 6.49
Total Abuse- Demo 7”.  This records contains ex members THE SNOBS, who were one of the first US bands to hit with a really authentic retro-hardcore sound back early 00s. However, where THE SNOBS were pretty much doing straight up SOA/NEGATIVE APPROACH style hardcore, TOTAL ABUSE cite DEEP WOUND as an influence and it definitely shows. 'I Give Up', ‘Breathing Down My Neck’ and ‘Aint Got No One’ could have been on DEEP WOUND's EP, and proves that these Texans have once again captured all that is great about a particular sound from yesteryear. The other three tracks are a hair slower, sounding more like MECHT MENSCH meets SIEGEe’s slower parts. Needless to say this thing’s killer.

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