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Tortured Tongues- The Art Of Murder 7"

Tortured Tongues- The Art Of Murder 7"

$ 6.00

Tortured Tongues- The Art Of Murder 7".  Finally, after numerous delays including a failed suicide, a punch to the face by a wife beater resulting in countless stitches and plans of revenge, the debut Tortured Tongues singles is ready to go. The Art of Murder single features two outsider punked out wave hits - "Arizona Murder" b/w "Extension Cord." Recorded this past summer in the torture chamber, this is an important opening statement from a pissed off group of shady characters who lurk in the shadows of society. With amazing full color art by one of societies great artists, Slade, and featuring Tortured Tongues written manifesto insert, this is ones definately worth a few spins.  Fans of Chrome, Electric Eels, Daily Void and the Screamers will dig.  7” WAS LIMITED TO 300 COPIES!!

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