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BLACK KNOTS- Hellbent To Kick It Out LP - Tornado Ride - Dead Beat Records

BLACK KNOTS- Hellbent To Kick It Out LP

$ 12.00

BLACK KNOTS- Hellbent To Kick It Out LP. At the root, the Black Knots walk the line of AC/DC, Turbonegro, the Hellacopters and Zeke. Many bands similar but different; uncompromising but the same. There will always be cookie cutter bands regurgitating popular styles and teen movie representations of suburban angst. At least in the reigning rock community there is a level of comfort in knowing that the airwaves are a little dirtier due to the Black Knots doing what so many other bands forgot was possible… Kickin’ it out! They are a high-energy cross of old punk textures, AC/DC song writing and with the driving force of Motorhead.  Fans of the Hellacopters, Bad Machine, Zeke and Nashville Pussy will want to hear this one.  LP LIMITED TO 300 COPIES!!

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