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Tommy Gunn And the Bullets- S/T CD - Piss And Vinegar - Dead Beat Records

Tommy Gunn And the Bullets- S/T CD

$ 11.00

Tommy Gunn And the Bullets- S/T CD.  The debutfull length here from Sonoma County, California's newest punk rock sensations TOMMY GUN AND THE BULLETS. You might know them from their first single that was released on Radio Records.  TOMMY GUN AND THE BULLETS will remind you of the first time you heard The Swingin' Utters' Streets of San Francisco, the first One Man Army record, or early US Bombs.  Those quick blasts of simple, jabby chords laced with raspey garbled vocals and lyrics that actually mean something!   Basically tough in yer face ballsey punk rock.  This is an awesome debut and pretty hard to find, as it was released on the bands new upstart label.

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