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Tombstalker- S/T 7" ~300 COPIES PRESSED! - Karmic Swamp - Dead Beat Records

Tombstalker- S/T 7" ~300 COPIES PRESSED!

$ 5.49

Tombstalker- S/T 7". Killer EP from Lexington, Kentucky resident thrashmasters TOMBSTALKER. This is the band's first record following a string of limited run demos and splits, and sees them develop into a fully realized metallic thrashing force, plowing the burnt and blackened fields of underground American metal in a ripping frenzy. They compare the sound of this EP to DISSECTION, DISMEMBER, and IRON MAIDEN, which is a tall order; but this record fucking delivers! This is the vinyl debut from the heaviest band to come out of Kentucky since EXILE! 7” LIMITED TO 300 COPIES!

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