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Time Sellers- Down Here 7” ~DIE CUT COVER!

Time Sellers- Down Here 7” ~DIE CUT COVER!

$ 6.49
Time Sellers- Down Here 7”.  Sheffield’s The Time Sellers may be young, but their sound is accomplished and sentimental, beaming with nostalgic romanticism seeping through their swaggering confidence and gorgeous pluckey guitar licks. Subtly reminiscent of the more modern pop infected UK rock ‘n roll bands like Arctic Monkeys and Oasis; the Time Sellers have created a unique rock ‘n’ roll concoction that greatly surpasses their tender years. Both songs on their debut single here are brash, brooding and deliciously gritty and totally fire with catchy guitar scuzz and snarlingly righteous vocals showcasing The Time Sellers’ ability to write alluringly evocative and genuinely catchy songs. If you’re a fan of bands like like The Kinks,The Jam, the Small Faces and the Beatles, keep an eye on this talented young band because a bright future lies ahead! Nice looking 7” covers on these as well, as the jacket includes a die cut disc on the front side showing the snazzy looking A-Side label peering through the front cover. Debut release on Outro Records. Recommended.

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