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COCOCOMA/HIPSHAKES- ‘Split' 7" - Tic Tac Totally - Dead Beat Records


$ 5.50

COCOCOMA/HIPSHAKES- ‘Split' 7". Split single action released for the Cococoma/Hipshakes US tour. The Cococoma original, "Never Be True", is a winner, fun and gutsy-and-catchy garage rock...I'm a bit critical of Cococoma releases, they're very hit or miss for me, and this is a hit. For some reason I think of them as perhaps one of the best true garage bands around right now (when they're "on" that is). And I'm a sucker for "whoah-whoah"-type choruses, and they got me with this one. The Hipshakes side: well, I'll be danged if these kids don't come through on this one! "Hurt My Pride" is stellar young limey snot, playful and reminding me of a Johnny Moped cut a bit. And they cover one of my favorite Cococoma songs ("All I Give") by simply eating it up and spewing it out in speedy and haphazard fashion. Real wild. This one's a keeper all the way.  YOUR COPY WILL BE ON THE LIMITED EDITION PUKEY PURPLE-ISH/GRAY COLORED TRASH WAX!!

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