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The Toms- Fake Christmas 7” ~KILLER! - Frodis - Dead Beat Records

The Toms- Fake Christmas 7” ~KILLER!

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The Toms- Fake Christmas 7”.  If you like power pop and have never heard of The Toms, do yourself a favor and track down the 1979 self-titled debut LP. The Toms were really just one guy -- New Jerseyan Tommy Marolda -- and that album was recorded in his home studio over the course of a single weekend in 1979. Since then, Tommy's made a nice living writing and producing music for TV and occasionally bringing the Toms moniker out of the woodwork for personal creativity. This single includes two A+ Toms tracks. "Fake Christmas" -- originally a bonus track on a little-heard Christmas album-- is an A-Plus power pop hit. On the B-Side, "It's Needless" is a revamped 1985 demo track of a song that later appeared on the debut Toms album. Nice packaging on this one too as the single includes a nice two sided fold-out gatefold insert that includes a comprehensive Toms discography with commentary from Tommy Marolda himself.

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