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The Stents- Meet Mike Hate 7" ~RARE RED WAX! - Hidden Volume - Dead Beat Records

The Stents- Meet Mike Hate 7" ~RARE RED WAX!

$ 6.99

The Stents- Meet Mike Hate 7".  The Stents are the crown jewel of Baltimore's Garage Rock scene! This is their first single and thankfully not their last. This single rocks from start to finish. No pretense, no gimmicks, just straight ahead guitar driven Rock N Roll. Reminds me alot of the Real Kids, DMZ type stuff with some nice vocal harmoinies. This two song banger takes sounds from the past and blasts them into the future! Great debut. Really cool looking packaging on this one too. The 7” is housed in a nice fold in 7” cover where the back of the 7” wraps around and slides into a die cut slot on the front of the 7” to close the cover off. Pretty impressive for a single and the artwork is great! THIS 7” IS LIMITED TO 300 COPIES ON SWANKY LOOKIN CHERRY WAX!

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