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The Slobs- Down The Tubes LP ~KILLER! - Centsless Productions - Dead Beat Records

The Slobs- Down The Tubes LP ~KILLER!

$ 11.99

The Slobs- Down The Tubes LP.  The Slobs are a Cincinatti Punk band hell-bent on making snotty three chord hits that really leave a mark. Lead vocalist John Slob emotes haphazardously twisted tales of lost love and living life on the skids, while the band lurches along like sloppy and fun punk junkies playing crude, brash songs with huge hooky riffs. Seventeen tracks of snotty, spiteful Punk Rock brimming with youthful anger and energetic fun. If you’re into stuff like the Angry Samoans, Dead Boys, Pagans or The Ramones you need this. One of the best and most underrated Punk LP’s from a band you’ve probably never heard of. Includes a Screamer's cover.

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