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The Sensibles- A Bunch Of Animals LP ~KILLER! - RIJAPOV - Dead Beat Records

The Sensibles- A Bunch Of Animals LP ~KILLER!

$ 12.99

The Sensibles- A Bunch Of Animals LP.  At first listen I took Italy’s Sentibles to be Italy’s Blondie. But, the sound is a bit punkier than Blondie's was, probably more in line with Nikki Corvette, a sort of bubble-gum power poppin' punk rock. A Bunch of Animals is a joyful and upbeat affair full of infectious melodies and endearingly bubbly vocals from lead singer Stella with a whole lot of Punk Rock attitude. And while a lot of bands of this style can string together three or four quality tracks, The Sensibles have proven talented enough to fill an entire album with insanely catchy gutter Pop hits. RECOMENDED!

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