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The Sellwoods- Palm Reader 7” - Sellwoods - Dead Beat Records

The Sellwoods- Palm Reader 7” ~THE WOGGLES!

$ 5.99

The Sellwoods- Palm Reader 7”. The Sellwoods play raw, chunky instrumental garage rock. On their stellar second single, the Sellwoods fall somewhere between The Woggles, Man Or Astroman and The White Stripes as the tunes are packed with crazy rhythms that will get you on your feet. While the a-side is a total 60's Fuzz-Fest, the real gem here is “Devil’s Dagger” on the flip. It’s a little surfier and has a generous helping of reverb with some great guitar riffin’ throughout. The single includes some snazzy lookin cover art by cult Rock N Roll artist The Vinyl Avenger AKA Olaf Jens! These are self released by the band.

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